We Are All Bob Dylan: Sandler Dylan

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

In I’m Not There, Todd Haynes imagines seven different versions of Bob Dylan. Some people say that’s six too many. We say Haynes is lazy. His film barely scratches the surface: Herewith, Bob Dylan No. 10: Sandler Dylan.

Google “Reign Over Me” and “Bob Dylan” and you will find around 27,000 posts pointing out that Adam Sandler, as distraught 9/11 widower Charlie Fineman, looks exactly like Bob Dylan, with his disheveled Jewfro and stringy stubble. The Boston Globe’s Ty Burr went more specific, accurately noting that the actor “looks exactly like Bob Dylan in the singer’s mid-’80s Empire Burlesque period.” Less graciously, Salon dubbed him “autistic Bob Dylan,” while others stretched for “an especially haggard Bob Dylan,” and commenters have gone a little nuts. But, as one Cinematical reader commented, perhaps it isn’t the worst fit. Sandler, after all, “knows how to play guitar and sing goofy.” —Logan Hill

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We Are All Bob Dylan: Sandler Dylan