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Week in Review: No (More) Surprises, Please!

Courtesy of, Getty Images, ABC, and the nation of Turkey

Looking back on a week in which we expected the unexpected…

Radiohead surprised us with their innovative plan to upend traditional modes of music distribution. Also with their inability to operate a camera.

Cavemen surprised us by not being terrible!

Arcade Fire and J.J. Abrams promised to surprise us later.

Everybody was talking about Philip Roth’s wang.

Did Pushing Daisies save TV? Nope! Dirty Sexy Money probably could, if only it had a J.R.

Bob Dylan was Turkish, a pop genius, Adam Sandler, and incomprehensible.

If NBC can bring back a crappy drama from 1998, maybe they’ll produce one of our ideas! Think about it, Ben Silverman!

Week in Review: No (More) Surprises, Please!