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Week in Review: We Always Knew

Courtesy iStockphoto,, ABC, and Time Magazine.

Looking back on a week in which we swung wide the gates of freedom

Dumbledore shocked us with a surprise announcement. But we always got that vibe from Lando Calrissian.

American Gangster leaked. Then American Gangster leaked. And despite the best efforts of British police, we were still able to download them both pretty easily. Too bad Jay-Z is plainly inferior to Jack Johnson.

Ghostface announced plans to sell his hat on eBay. Then he followed through. Ben Silverman announced plans to save the planet — but we’re still waiting.

Aliens in America got Wisconsin-y, Ryan Gosling got fat, and Viva Laughlin got shitcanned.

We loved Kid Nation and it finally loved us back.

Week in Review: We Always Knew