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Who Will Be the First Band to Copy Radiohead?

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With the record industry still reeling from Radiohead’s shocking announcement last week (In Rainbows is out tomorrow, by the way), now comes more bad news for Clive Davis: Other bands are planning to release their music for free on the Internet too! According to Daily Telegraph reporters Harry Wallop and Lucy Cockcroft (giggle), Oasis and Jamiroquai are considering bypassing record companies and retail stores with their next albums. (Even more astonishing? There were record companies and retail stores interested in selling Oasis’s and Jamiroquai’s next albums!)

Also, Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor announced last night that he’s fulfilled all obligations to his label Interscope, presumably freeing him to sell $80 box sets through his Website as well, just like Radiohead. We kind of hope Bruce Springsteen will do it too. He has a record contract, and his Magic is currently the top-selling album in the country, but Billboard says he may have another record on the way as early as the spring and what a surprise it would be if he just gave it away for free! Columbia Records would never see that coming!

So the race is on — which band will succeed in being the first to steal Radiohead’s idea? Also, how long before pay-what-you-want pricing stops being cute and we all go back to stealing albums on LimeWire again?

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Who Will Be the First Band to Copy Radiohead?