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Why We’re Excited for the Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ TV Show

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

George Lucas told the L.A. Times this morning that he’s developing a live-action Star Wars TV series based on the “extended universe” of the movies. He’s keeping quiet about the exact premise, except to say that the show won’t feature any of the various Skywalkers or Darths but will instead focus on minor characters. Still, there’s one thing about this announcement that’s actually got us pretty excited: Episodes of the show will not be written or directed by George Lucas.

Everything tangentially related to Star Wars is awesome — the toys, YouTubed trumpet performances of the theme song, etc. In fact, the only thing about Star Wars we don’t like are the movies themselves, all of which suffer from the directing and/or writing of George Lucas (he was also responsible for the crappy Star Wars Holiday Special). As long as Lucas can avoid having anything to do with the series’ actual production, it could even be as good as the LEGO Star Wars video games!

George Lucas planning ‘Star Wars’ TV series [LAT]

Why We’re Excited for the Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ TV Show