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Will Nepotism Sink Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Barbarella’ Remake? Probably!

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After the runaway box-office success of Grindhouse, fiancée-fiancé acting-directing team Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez have made plans to work together again, even though everyone thinks it’s a really, really bad idea. Rodriguez is insisting that McGowan (best known for the WB show Charmed and various films that air late at night on Cinemax) star in his remake of Barbarella, the 1968 Jane Fonda movie about a sexy, sex-having astronaut, despite the fact that Universal Studios pulled funding over his refusal to cast someone more famous in the title role, like Nicole Kidman or Sacha Baron Cohen.

The Observer reports that Rodriguez even got the idea from his marginally famous girlfriend: “I asked Rose, I said, ‘Would you be interested in doing this?’ And she said, ‘Oh, we’d rock that shit so hard.’ And I said, ‘Well, that sounds like a lot of fun.’” So it sounds like these two have completely thought this through, and there’s really nothing to worry about.

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Will Nepotism Sink Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Barbarella’ Remake? Probably!