Will The Simpsons Game Kill the Entertainment Industry? Probably!

Bart and Homer in the “Run from Church” level of The Simpsons Game.Courtesy of

Now that video games like Halo 3 and Bioshock have usurped control of America’s televisions and minds, The Simpsons Game, out today, looks set to officially render all other forms of entertainment hopelessly obsolete. A review in this morning’s Variety declares it the “Funniest. Videogame. Ever.” and after reading up, we’re quite prepared to agree. In the game, the Simpson family finds itself caught in a crappy video game, and they have to figure out who’s responsible for licensing the rights to their likenesses (Matt Groening, probably). Stages of the game parody other popular titles like Madden Football and Grand Theft Auto, and whenever you encounter a video-game cliché, Comic Book Guy apparently points it out (“What would video games be without switches and levers? Original.” quotes Variety). That settles it, we’re canceling our cable.

Really, is there any hope for the movie and TV industries? A writers strike may be the least of their worries right now. American Gangster and Bee Movie are expected to top the box office this weekend, but if enough people find out about The Simpsons Game, Vulture predicts theaters will be empty and every TV show will get a 0.0 / 0 rating. Come Monday, Hollywood executives won’t even come to work, most of them having had their assistants help them slit their wrists. The studios will be forced to sell their movie cameras for scrap iron, and soon wildfires will overtake the last of the great Hollywood dream factories. We’ll be out of a job, of course, but that’s cool, as that will leave more time to play The Simpsons Game.

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Will The Simpsons Game Kill the Entertainment Industry? Probably!