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Anthony Hopkins Doesn’t Get ‘Beowulf’ Either

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“It was a strange experience doing it. I don’t know what the hell it was all about, but I enjoyed it.” —Anthony Hopkins on acting in a performance-capture suit for Beowulf [NYP]

No Country [for Old Men] was kind of like a genre thing, but in a genre thing the characters end up differently. [It] is perverse. And we always like something perverse.” Ethan Coen on the Coen brothers’ perverse new Western, No Country for Old Men [NYT]

“I remember that Joel and Ethan were scared about my mustache; they didn’t want me to look like a member of the Village People. Then I saw Javier, and I realized: I don’t have to worry about a fucking thing!” Josh Brolin, victim of the Coen brothers’ perversion, on Javier Bardem’s haircut [TONY]

“I’m glad I did the classical work that I did, but it just wasn’t for me. I’m a little bit perverse, and I just hate doing the thing that’s the most obvious.” Daniel Day-Lewis, refusing be out-perversed [NYT]

“I think people who grow up surrounded by that self-important, self-indulgent, surreal lifestyle forget that the majority of the world could give a rat’s ass.” Ellen Page, keeping it real [Black Book]
—Stan Park

Anthony Hopkins Doesn’t Get ‘Beowulf’ Either