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Broadway Producers and Stagehands Talking Again?

Photo: Getty Images

Broadway Coming Back? Broadway producers and stagehands have announced plans to resume negotiations over the weekend at an undisclosed location, presumably the Times Square Red Lobster. [NYT]

Scabs Seeking Work: The New York Press posted a fake ad on Craigslist looking for “network television comedy writers,” which attracted responses from a slew of potential scabs eager to step over picket lines and usurp shows from striking Writers Guild members. [NYPress]

Hova Ties Elvis: Jay-Z’s American Gangster entered this week’s chart in the top position making him tied with Elvis for the artist with the second-most number of No. 1 albums in the U.S. after the Beatles. He will now be required to wear a cape in public. [Billboard]

T.I. Goes Viral: Embattled rapper T.I. has posted a new video, recorded in his home, on He says he expects to be acquitted of gun charges, though he will likely be found guilty of having too many pillows on his couch. [Pitchfork]

Pirates Take Direction: A bootlegged copy of Steal This Movie 2, a documentary about file-sharing, leaked on BitTorrent this morning. Ha! [TorrentFreak]

Broadway Producers and Stagehands Talking Again?