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‘Cavemen’ Still Funny, Ratings Still Terrible

Photo Illustration: AP, ABC

Last night, as has now become tradition on Tuesdays, we turned on our television promptly at 8 p.m. to watch Cavemen live in all its commercial-interrupted glory. This week’s show was the fifth, and even though all logic tells us it should be mind-bendingly terrible by now, it’s actually still really, really funny. In the episode, caveman Nick suspects one of his neighbors of also being a caveman, but one who secretly shaves his arms and face to appear more Homo sapien–like, much like John Tesh does (it makes perfect sense if you think about it). Again, the writing was sharp, and again Tony winner Julie White, as the characters’ wacky landlord, was hilarious.

Despite all this, ratings were again terrible, as Cavemen earned a 1.7, only narrowly defeating Amar sin Limites on Univision. If any good comes from the Writers Guild strike (besides the hilarious photo illustration that accompanies this very blog post), it’s that the show will likely run all thirteen of its promised episodes, mostly because ABC has no other shows to replace it with. But without your support, there’s probably little hope of a second season. Nielsen families, we’re begging you — save Cavemen!

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‘Cavemen’ Still Funny, Ratings Still Terrible