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Chris Ware’s ‘Savages’ Poster Is Gorgeous


We don’t usually bother talking about posters here on Vulture, because there’s usually hardly anything to talk about: Either posters feature a bunch of floating heads, or they feature some gag involving enormous testicles. But Awards Daily has the two new one-sheets for The Savages, Tamara Jenkins’s awards hopeful starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney, and they’re both quite striking — especially this one, designed by comics artist Chris Ware, author of the Acme Novelty Library.

The commenters at Awards Daily all seem to think that a comics-style poster somehow trivializes the movie, with one even going so far as to claim that Laura Linney’s awards chances are dead for this year as a result of this image. We disagree. It’s an inventive poster that should get more attention for the film, and Ware’s style by now is such a useful shorthand for Quality among the art-house audience this movie surely is directed toward that it can only help. In fact, between this poster and David Edelstein’s don’t-quote-me rave on his blog, we’re officially kind of interested in The Savages, which is more than we can say about any of the other tiny depressing awards-bait dramas out this fall.

The Savages, One-Sheet x 2 [Awards Daily]
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Chris Ware’s ‘Savages’ Poster Is Gorgeous