Daft Punk Come Alive!

Photo: Wireimage

1. Daft Punk, “Television Rules the Nation / Crescendolls (Live)”
This track from the pyramid-dwelling French robots’ new live album may not capture the full effect of their spectacular stage show … but could anything? [Hate Something Beautiful]

2. Kevin Drew, “Age of Consent”
The ringleader of Canada’s largest indie-rock supergroup covers this New Order classic all by himself, swapping the perky guitar hook of the original for a slow, mournful piano part. [Pitchfork]

3. Icadon feat. Redman, “Wus Dat Sound”
This selection from Icadon’s latest mix tape with Kay Slay doesn’t sound much different from a typical Redman song, but when has that ever been a bad thing? [Nah Right]

4. Tegan and Sara, “Hop a Plane (Live in Philadelphia)”
In the introduction to this live recording, one of the Quin twins — we can’t tell them apart, sorry — explains that her sibling doesn’t really like this perky, bouncy number from their new album. She must be the evil one. [UberDrivel]

5. Siddhartha “Holiday”
This band give Madonna’s dance-pop classic a radical psychedelic makeover by tossing out every recognizable element of the song except the lyrics and making it sound like the musical equivalent of patchouli oil. [Said the Gramophone]
—Matthew Perpetua

Daft Punk Come Alive!