‘Futurama’ movie ‘Bender’s Big Score’: worthy!

Four direct-to-DVD movies based on a half-hour cartoon canceled years ago: Hooray! So bizarre some episodes were practically Dadaist, Futurama was too good for the world of television—to say nothing of Fox, which this first feature-length installment neatly skewers in the first of a barrage of brainy gags and sharp-dumb dialogue. And it all hangs together surprisingly well, even with all the bits of fan-boy pandering (rampant references to old episodes, Mark Hamill as the Hanukkah zombie) and flat-out ridiculousness (evil nudist telemarketers, plot-pretzeling time travel). Plus, Matt Groening resisted the full-on emo impulses that made the series so heavy. So again: Hooray!

Bender’s Big Score


On sale Nov. 27


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‘Futurama’ movie ‘Bender’s Big Score’: worthy!