‘Grey’s Anatomy’: A Catfight, Bird-Watcher, and a Man Who Fell to Earth

Grey’s Anatomy

Kung Fu Fighting
Season 4 Episode 6
You may resuscitate the bride.

This week, Meredith tells us that surgeons never admit that they need help unless they’re desperate. Given the fact that this show uses the same plot convention week after week (after week) — that patients embody their respective doctor’s personal dilemmas, of course — we’re thinking that the show’s writers should admit they need some help. Or maybe just a vacation. Anyway … let’s see what they came up with this go-round!

George and Callie get: Two brides-to-be who came to blows trying to hang on to a wedding dress as part of a contest to win $100,000 for a dream wedding. George gets the one with a broken nose and internal bleeding; Callie gets the woman with a dislocated shoulder.
What it means: Something about hanging on, letting go, and marriage. (George and Callie, remember, are dealing with their own messed-up marriage.)
The outcome: George holds on to the dress himself and the Chief calls him “a good man” for doing it. (We don’t know what this means.) Callie, meanwhile, flips at her patient, telling her, “You fight for a marriage, not a wedding!” Then she tells George she’s finally letting him go.

Izzie gets: A bird-watcher with a bad heart who’s allergic to anesthesia and can’t have surgery. The doctors operate on him while he’s awake.
What it means: Izzie has to prove to herself that she’s “hard-core” enough to assist in the operation. Also, her relationship with George is rare, like a bird? Whatever.
The outcome: The surgery goes well; Izzie calms the patient by comparing doctors to rare birds. Izzie and George are supposed to have a special night of perfect sex (“our Ivory-Billed Woodpecker!” says Izzie. Pecker … heh), but they both admit they’re too tired. Lucky for us — the idea of them having sex is gross.

Meredith gets: A guy (Roy, from The Office!) who experienced a free fall from 12,000 feet after his parachute didn’t open. Miraculously, he has no injuries other than a burst appendix. The doctors watch his jump video in which he yells, “I’ll never tell get to tell Sally I loooooove her!” … splat. (Sally’s his skydiving instructor, whom he’s not so secretly in love with.)
What it means: Meredith relates to Roy because she also had a near-death experience. (Remember that little drowning thing from last year, when we not so secretly hoped that Meredith would bite the dust? Roy causes Meredith to reflect back to when McDreamy saved her life.)
The outcome: We’re meant to assume that Roy confesses his love to Sally, even though we don’t get to see it. Meredith confesses that she can’t stop sleeping with McDreamy, because he makes her feel safe. Or maybe it’s just cause he’s ridiculously hot.

Also, Alex and Lexie, Meredith’s sister, have sex. Uh-oh! At least Lexie has a face. Next week: A lot of people have sex. Meredith scowls. —Emma Rosenblum

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: A Catfight, Bird-Watcher, and a Man Who Fell to Earth