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Helen Mirren Breaks Our Hearts

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“I basically loathe all young men, actually.” Helen Mirren [NYP]

“We were in the Charlie Rose greenroom the other day. Robert walked in and said, ‘Let’s get these televisions out the window.’” T. Bone Burnett on Robert Plant, consummate rock star [Rolling Stone]

“I know it might sound crazy, but there is a massive shortage of rock and roll on this planet. It’s almost extinct.” Nuno Bettencourt on why the Extreme reunion is necessary [Rolling Stone]

“We were in the writers’ room, in a building owned by Fox and a real estate agent comes through, showing our offices to prospective tenants. We figured that was a bad sign.” David X. Cohen, co-creator of Futurama on the show’s cancellation [NYT]

“I’ve inspired a generation of bad writers.” Jay-Z on his influence on rap [MTV]
—Stan Park

Helen Mirren Breaks Our Hearts