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Henry Winkler, the Shark-Jumpingest Actor in Hollywood, Also Has the Best Legs

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“Every time that they talk about ‘jump the shark’ in the newspaper, they always show a picture of me — and I had really good legs at that time. Also, I am, truly, the only actor on the Earth who has jumped the shark twice. Once on Arrested Development, I jumped the shark.” Henry Winkler [EW]

“I love method acting, so any way that I am able to become a character, physically, mentally, definitely is something I would love to do. For instance, I did this short film that’s going to be unbelievable. It’s like Transformers. Basically I had to act with nothing there, but I remember this scene where I’m running away from this robot, this transforming robot, and I’m freaking out. All of a sudden I was so genuinely scared that there was a robot following me that I had an anxiety attack.” Talan Torriero, of Laguna Beach fame, on his burgeoning acting career [MTV]

“Nicotine, Valium, Vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol … c-c-c-c-c-cocaine” —Lyrics from “Feel Good Hit of the Summer,” which brought an abrupt end to a Queens of the Stone Age show at a Los Angeles rehab clinic [NME]

“They asked me for storylines once, and I sent Jemaine a number of storylines, and then he never wrote back. And I would try to bring it up! But my storylines were crazy. I was like, ‘You guys go on a tour, but you go to this ghost town in Maine, and everybody’s ghosts!’” Kristen Schaal on not writing for Flight of the Conchords [A.V. Club]

“It would just be a colossal dick move if they did that.” Seth MacFarlane on Fox’s decision to complete and air new episodes of Family Guy without his involvement [Variety]
—Stan Park

Henry Winkler, the Shark-Jumpingest Actor in Hollywood, Also Has the Best Legs