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‘Heroes’ Creator Tim Kring Apologizes for ‘Heroes’

Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Even Heroes creator Tim Kring knows how bad his show has been this season, — he admitted as much to Entertainment Weekly yesterday. In an admirable display of humility and honesty, Kring owns up to drawing out lame story lines, introducing new characters totally unrelated to the main plot, and to being basically terrible at writing a realistic romance. Still, we can’t help but think he’s left a few things out.

1. Kristen Bell has been woefully underutilized. What are they paying her for?

2. In season one, we had a clear villain in the form of the brain-chomping Sylar, but this season all we get is the ill-defined threat of “the Company.”

3. Speaking of Sylar, removing his powers, erasing his memories, and reducing him to killing random people with rocks pretty much ruined the most badass character on the show.

4. Speaking of amnesia — too much amnesia! We know that Heroes is a riff on cheesy comic books, but was it really necessary to wipe the memory of both Sylar and Peter Petrelli?

5. Claire: Not yet dead.
—Matthew Perpetua

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‘Heroes’ Creator Tim Kring Apologizes for ‘Heroes’