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Javier Bardem a Lover, Not a Fighter

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“The hard part for me wasn’t showing my body — I’ve done that plenty … It was shooting the gun that I hated.” Javier Bardem on his upcoming roles in No Country for Old Men and Love in the Time of Cholera [People]

South Park has grown on me. I thought it was all about poop, but actually it’s got some substance underneath.” —Swedish indie folk singer-songwriter José González [Pitchfork]

“I’m not sure what my parents were thinking, what was wrong with them, but I saw Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf when I was, like, nine…” Aaron Sorkin on his life-long love of theatre [NYT]

“People were not happy. That’s the most middle fingers I’ve ever gotten in my career.” Will Smith on shutting down several blocks of Fifth Avenue to film I Am Legend [LA Times]

“I think you’re getting me confused with Margaret Thatcher.”PJ Harvey on the myth that she only sleeps three or four hours a night [Pitchfork]
—Stan Park

Javier Bardem a Lover, Not a Fighter