Jay-Z Pleads Ignorance

Photo: WireImage

1. Jay-Z, “Ignorant Shit”
Jay-Z has it both ways, decrying the cursing in rap lyrics while saying some pretty cool swearwords. [Ain’t Got No Music]

2. Kate Nash, “I’m Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You” (Black Kids cover)
Nash looks set to become a MySpace sensation by sheer virtue of her determination to cover every other band on MySpace. [Panda Toes]

3. Saul Williams, “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (U2 cover)
A pretty good cover from Williams’s new album, which he released for free on the Internet yesterday, probably to keep his friend Trent Reznor from downloading it on OiNK. [I Rock Cleveland]

4. Locksley, “Hotel Yorba” (The White Stripes cover)
The affable Williamsburg hipsters take a rare break from pretending to be the Beatles so they can pretend to be the Beatles pretending to be the White Stripes. [Music Slut]

5. The Hold Steady, “Lord I’m Discouraged”
Luckily not from sounding like Bruce Springsteen. [Stereogum]

Jay-Z Pleads Ignorance