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Jennifer Connelly and Keanu Reeves Stop the World

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Connelly Makes Earth Stand Still: Jennifer Connelly joins Keanu Reeves in the 20th Century Fox remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, ensuring by her very presence that the film will be extremely depressing and lose money. [Variety]

Radiohead for Christmas: Radiohead will release a seven-CD limited-edition boxed set of their first six studio albums and one live album through their Website on December 10. If, like us, you have a hard time at this point grasping the idea of buying Radiohead music on packaged compact discs, the band will also offer a limited-edition USB stick containing their entire recordings and the album artwork in a digital format. If that is still too meatspacey for you, the band will beam the albums and artwork from a satellite directly into your soul. [Billboard]

2008 Also Season of the Wang: London Equus, previously confirmed for spring 2008, will now open fall 2008 on Broadway. Rabid Richard Griffiths fans already in a tizzy, ready to storm the stage and scream at the sight of their hero. Also, Harry Potter is in it. Also, Harry Potter’s wang. [Playbill]

Horse Corpse to Endure Additional Beatings: Producer John Wells hopes to work out a deal with NBC to keep ER on the air for a fifteenth season — even if that necessitates reducing the per-episode budget — because he believes he and his co-producers still have more stories to tell. These stories may involve traumatic events in a hospital emergency room and the toll these events take on attractive doctors and nurses. [Variety]

Crow Takes Detours: Sheryl Crow releases her new album, Detours, on February 5. The first single, “Shine Over Babylon,” is described by Crow in Billboard as “very environmentally conscious, in the tradition of Bob Dylan,” “a desperate cry for understanding,” and “a battle song in the face of fear,” leading us to suspect that it will be terrible. [Billboard]

Decemberists Tour Canceled: Best wishes to the Decemberists, who are canceling the remaining 28 dates in their North American tour due to the illness of an unidentified member. [NYT]

Jennifer Connelly and Keanu Reeves Stop the World