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John Mayer Displays an Incredible Self-Awareness

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“I’m kind of a douchebag.” John Mayer on Googling himself [TMZ via NYO]

“You know, there are certain men, they have a magnetic charisma and class. They’ve just got it. Like Billy Dee Williams and George Benson.” Aretha Franklin, not mad at Lando for betraying Han Solo [LAT]

“Not all writers are like me! The vast, vast majority are not. And I don’t want people thinking they are. (Uh, for the record, to my credit, if they were, Hollywood would be a lot more sexy.)” Mindy Kaling, writing on her blog [Things I’ve Bought That I Love]

“It’s funny, because I’ve created a back story for this character. The character’s name is Georgie Fruit, and he’s in his late forties, a black man who has been through multiple sex changes.” — Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes on his new songwriting persona [Pitchfork]

“He got his Kanye West on.” Lupe Fiasco on Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump, who produced a song on Lupe’s upcoming and now possibly ironically titled album, The Cool [MTV]
—Stan Park

John Mayer Displays an Incredible Self-Awareness