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Joss Whedon Returns to TV — and Brings Faith With Him

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Whedon Welcomes You to the Dollhouse: Joss Whedon teams up with his Buffy colleague Eliza Dushku for a new Fox sci-fi series titled Dollhouse, about a group of deadly men and women kept brainwashed in a dollhouse in between nefarious assignments. Faith lives! [HR]

Fox Revives Fox: Now that nearly everyone has forgotten about The X-Files, 20th Century Fox finally green-lights a new film in the franchise, with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson set to return under the direction of series creator Chris Carter. [Variety]

Roberts and Owen Engage in Duplicity: Closer costars Julia Roberts and Clive Owen reteam for writer-director Tony Gilroy’s Universal drama Duplicity, playing longtime lovers and adversarial spies who join forces to rip off a corporation. Great talent, but can they pull off a Mr. and Mrs. Smith for Grown-ups? [Variety]

Coldplay Coming Soon: Coldplay announces that their new Brian Eno–produced album is nearly complete and will hit shelves in the first half of 2008. Track titles include “Glass of Water,” “Lost,” “Cemeteries of London,” “Rainy Day,” and “Love That Booty-Booty-Booty Shake Mama.” Possibly we made the last one up. [Billboard]

Baker Welcomes November: Dylan Baker joins Nathan Lane and Laurie Metcalfe in David Mamet’s new play November, confusingly world-premiering on Broadway in December. Our guess: Baker plays someone odious. [Playbill]

Streep to Play Child: Meryl Streep will star as famed chef Julia Child in Columbia’s Nora Ephron–directed comedy Julie and Julia, opposite Amy Adams as an aspiring chef who wants to cook every one of Child’s recipes. In a related story, Dan Aykroyd is devastated. [Variety]

Joss Whedon Returns to TV — and Brings Faith With Him