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Kurt Cobain Smelled Just Terrific, Says Krist Novoselic

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“Kathleen Hannah wrote, ‘Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit’ on Kurt’s apartment wall … I don’t know why she wrote it, but I know for sure that Kurt Cobain did not have any odor problems. Even though his place was a mess, he took care of his hygiene. This person would soak in the bath night after night only listening to the Beatles.” Krist Novoselic [Seattle Weekly]

“It has been 13 years in this business, and for those of you out there who are keeping score, it has been only one marriage and no arrests!” LeAnn Rimes, proudly flaunting her high standards at the 2007 CMA Awards [People]

“I won’t talk about throw-up but I’ll talk about poo.” Bob Saget on where he draws the line humor-wise [TONY]

“I was 17 and studying as an actor in London. And one day I went back stage and this great big fat guy offered me a part in this film. I was to play a young boy at school who’s ‘got a special meeting with his teacher.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, cool, I’ll do it.’” —Heroes star Eric Roberts on being cast in his first porno [Starpulse]

“When I am at an overly precious show, I am often filled with contrarian, immature urges: suddenly banging a gong, stepping on a whoopee cushion, or knocking some vegans together to start a mosh pit.” —Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein [NPR]
—Matt Demblowski

Kurt Cobain Smelled Just Terrific, Says Krist Novoselic