strike zone

Laugh Lines From the Picket Lines

Photo Illustration: AP

Picketers Can Cane: Nikki Finke reports that noisy picketers actually disrupted the filming of an episode of Cane in Los Angeles. Go strikers! [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Money Problems: The New York Times wonders to what extent income disparities between WGA strikers will drive them apart. (Probably a lot!) [NYT]

Chocolate Reign? Will this strike do for Internet TV what the 1988 writers strike did for cable? If it means the talents of this guy will finally be recognized by the mainstream, then we sure hope so! [LAT]

Et tu, Jimmy? As predicted, the late-night shows will all air repeats tonight, even Jimmy Kimmel, who we’d always pegged as a scab. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Marcel Marceau Inspires Hilarity From Beyond Grave: Podcasters Seth and Pablo from Marzipan Taco prank call Tom Cruise’s agency to pitch a writer-less biopic on recently expired mime Marcel Marceau. Production starts next week. [Marzipan Taco]

Laugh Lines From the Picket Lines