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Meet Diablo Cody, the Former Stripper Who Will Soon Be Writing All Your Movies

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For someone with such a ridiculous name, Diablo Cody is in a pretty enviable position these days: Several of her screenplays are in production at major studios, Steven Spielberg handpicked her to write a sitcom based on one of his ideas, and Juno, the upcoming teen-pregnancy comedy that she penned, is being roundly hailed as “This Year’s Little Miss Sunshine” and could be a dark-horse nominee for Best Picture. Given her meteoric rise to fame, it’s easy to forget that Cody was once but a humble blogger/stripper from Minnesota.

The profile of Cody in this week’s EW is peppered with charming anecdotes (“If you want to know who I was at 18, you look at my left butt cheek”) and clever observations (“This is pathetic that you can’t find a frickin’ bar open in the afternoon”), and, all joking aside, she comes off as hyperintelligent and a person we’re quite excited to see get work in Hollywood (well, after the strike, anyway). She’s like a heavenly cross between Joss Whedon and Courtney Love! Also, she shares our taste in cinema ("After Cody saw Superbad, she immediately went home and started writing a female response to the teen comedy which Universal promptly snatched up”). This is all to say that we don’t begrudge any of her success, and we can’t wait to see Juno or the other million films she currently has in production.

Good thing, too, because it doesn’t sound like she was much of a stripper:

Before her screenwriting debut Juno received a rapturous standing ovation at this year’s Toronto Film Festival … Diablo Cody was giving halfhearted lap dances to greasy men at a Minneapolis strip club … She spent a year strutting for tips and gawking at the seedy suckers waving their dollar bills, though while her colleagues were undulating around the stage like drugged eels, she punctuated her routines with screeching ninja kicks.

Yikes! Halfhearted lap dances and screeching ninja kicks? We’re glad she’s writing movies now!

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Meet Diablo Cody, the Former Stripper Who Will Soon Be Writing All Your Movies