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Morrissey Sick of Being Noncontroversial, Apparently

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Big Mouth Strikes Again: In a weird new interview, Morrissey claims immigration is having a negative effect on British culture, saying “the higher the influx into England, the more the British identity disappears.” [Telegraph]

Greatest Thing Ever: Snoop Dogg’s new video for “Sensual Seduction” may sound like 2007 with its T-Pain-esque auto-tuned vocals, but the kitschy clip looks just like it came out of the late seventies. Best video of the year? Yes. [Idolator]

Dead Person Signs Record Deal: Despite being deceased for nearly a decade, Frank Sinatra is now signed to a “360”-style deal with Warner Bros. to manage all parts of the expired singer’s career. [Reuters]

Cronenberg Sells Novels: Penguin Group Canada has won the rights to director David Cronenberg’s forthcoming debut novel, currently scheduled for release in 2010. No word on the plot or the title, but the foreword will be written by Viggo Mortensen’s penis. [Variety]

Clear Your Conscience: Feeling guilty about downloading all those albums for free? If you send a letter of apology and five bucks to the people who run the Dear Rockers site, they promise to pass it along to the musicians and not, you know, go off and buy a sandwich with your cash. [Pop Candy/USAT]

Morrissey Sick of Being Noncontroversial, Apparently