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Natalie Portman: Totally Insufferable

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“I must be an asshole when I work because I don’t really make friends!” Natalie Portman on not having any close Hollywood friends [Guardian]

“I sometimes get blamed for the meatpacking district, yes. And I’m sorry.” Michael Patrick King, writer and director of the Sex and the City movie [NYT]

“What else do you say about someone who has life licked, except that I resent him for it?” James L. Brooks on Woody Harrelson [NYT]

”If you want to win an Oscar, you need to play a historical figure, or someone who’s mentally ill. So the moment I saw that Forest was playing both, I knew I had no chance.” Will Smith on losing the Best Actor Oscar to Forest Whitaker [EW]

“I don’t consider myself much of an actor. I have a face and a voice that allows me to do certain things, but there are people who are way better at it than I am.” Adrian Pasdar, who plays a hero on TV, albeit not very well [LAT]
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Natalie Portman: Totally Insufferable