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NBC Buys Quarterlife, Bitsie Tulloch to Be Inescapable

Courtesy of Quarterlife

We predicted last week that Quarterlife’s Bitsie Tulloch would be a huge star — turns out we might actually be right about something for once. Faced with the less attractive alternative of broadcasting dead air and Cheers reruns for the remainder of the writers’ strike, NBC acquired the Marshall Herskovitz–Edward Zwick the Internet series over the weekend for an undisclosed (i.e. not much) sum of money. The blog drama, which is currently streaming in eight-minute pieces on, will complete its run on the show’s Website before NBC begins airing it in February.

The deal set off a mini-backlash over the weekend as some questioned whether Herskovitz and Zwick were helping to undermine the Writers Guild by creating content for a network during the strike. But Herskovitz wrote in to Vulture buddy Nikki Finke yesterday to clarify the deal (“I really want to address the moral question. First of all, this deal with NBC was in the works for a long time, since considerably before the strike. They had a right of first refusal for network distribution — so I had no legal grounds to say no to them”), and it all sounds perfectly legit. So, expect Bitsie Tulloch world domination to continue as planned.

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NBC Buys Quarterlife, Bitsie Tulloch to Be Inescapable