Prince Declares War on Music Pirates

Note to Prince’s lawyers: This is definitely not Prince.Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Remember how we told you that Prince was going to sue his own fan Websites for copyright infringement? Well, forget all that, because he just found out about file sharing and, man, is he upset! He’s decided to redirect his energies toward squashing the notorious BitTorrent hub Pirate Bay. His announcement comes on the same day as the Canadian Recording Industry Association’s success in shutting down Demonoid, another BitTorrent site tipped as a possible successor to dearly departed OiNK. Sadly, it’s likely that someday soon the only place to download Prince albums for free on the Internet will be the millions of ungovernable fly-by-night piracy blogs, helpfully indexed by Google Blog Search. —Matthew Perpetua

Prince ‘not suing fans’ [NME]

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Prince Declares War on Music Pirates