‘Project Runway’s back! And with genuine talent!

Season Four of our all-time favorite reality show that doesn’t rely on children drinking bleach is upon us, people, and no less than Tim Gunn himself says it features the “strongest group ever.” The magazine’s writer (who shares our “crazed devotion”) was forbidden, of course, from giving away the first episode’s winner, but obviously you’ll want to find out for yourself whether Elisa’s decision to smear her textiles with grass stains enhances what she calls her “sylphlike haiku of a cut,” if overconfident Christian heeds Gunn’s criticism of his crooked seams, if Kit, a young Gwen Stefani look-alike, recovers when tough-guy Kevin takes away “her” plaid fabric. And if all that sounds (deliciously) familiar, know too that surprises await.

Project Runway

Season Four premiere

Nov. 14


10 p.m.

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‘Project Runway’s back! And with genuine talent!