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R. Kelly’s Publicist Quits Over Huge Misunderstanding

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Kelly’s Flack Quits: Regina Daniels, the publicist of Vulture buddy R. Kelly, quit over the weekend, saying in a statement, “There are some lines that should never be crossed professionally or personally. Mr. Kelly crossed a line that forever altered the scope of our relationship. For this reason I made the decision to resign.” Whatever happened, we’re sure it’s all been blown out of proportion and will likely be resolved soon. [TMZ]

STP Guy Writes Book: Speaking of his forthcoming autobiography, Scott Weiland explained to a reporter: “You make a lot of records, write a lot of songs, but all of a sudden you go into a whole different vein, and it’s a little bit scary to dive into.” We don’t need to read his memoirs to know that the dude knows a thing or two about tapping into scary new veins. [Reuters]

Astrophysicist to Offer Conclusive Evidence That Fat Bottomed Girls Make the Rockin’ World Go Round: Queen guitarist Brian May, who recently earned a doctorate in astrophysics, has been named the next chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University. Wait, what? [Reuters]

Little Lost Episode a Huge Disappointment: It’s hard to imagine, but the new Lost Webisode is somehow even more boring and irrelevant than the one from last week. Basically, this time it’s just a couple of minutes of Hurley getting harassed on the island by some douche bag called Frogurt. [ABC]

Lee Brings Out Concerned Parent in the Chinese Populace: First director Ang Lee was ordered to cut seven minutes of racy, violent (and hot!) sex from Lust, Caution to appease Chinese censors. Now doctors in the country are advising fans not to try some of the more complicated sexual positions in the film in order to prevent injuries. Vulture is advising that you put Lust, Caution in your Netflix queue immediately. [Reuters]

R. Kelly’s Publicist Quits Over Huge Misunderstanding