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Run, Forrest, Run, But No Headphones Allowed!

Photo Illustration: Paramount Pictures (Gump);
Getty Images (Headphones)

Overplayed Songs Make Us Run Faster: The New York City Marathon is one of the last to allow competitors to run wearing headphones; some others are confiscating iPods and disqualifying music lovers. Times article also makes the point that, music snobbery aside, it’s the usual suspects that inspire exercisers: Aretha, U2, the freaking Rocky theme. What? No one marathons to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah? [NYT]

Indy Thief Gets Two Years: The guy who stole material from the set of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull gets two years in jail for his trouble. He’s a blog political prisoner! He only wanted to right the injustice of our not knowing what happens in Indy 4 before it comes out! [Defamer]

Dog Gone: A&E series Dog the Bounty Hunter is suspended after star Duane Chapman is caught on tape using racist language. Hawaii prison system reluctantly releases all prisoners after their TV arrests are invalidated by TV cancellation. [Variety]

DC Launches Webcomics Site: And apparently they don’t quite get it, as all comics are Flash and impossible to link to. [The Beat/PW]

The “Family Circus” Was Funny! We’re not kidding; this made us laugh too. [Comics Curmudgeon]

WGA Strike Begins 12:01 A.M. Monday: Pencils down! [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Run, Forrest, Run, But No Headphones Allowed!