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RZA on the Power of Constructive Criticism

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“When he said that he loved the music I was producing, I knew I was on the right track, because he’s the one that that really will say, ‘Fuck you.’” RZA on U-God’s assessment of RZA’s production on the Wu-Tang Clan’s upcoming album, 8 Diagrams [MTV]

“It’s a theater group set to music, and just as nerdy.” —Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein on testing out Rock Band [Slate]

“Yeah, it’s the Terrence Malick schedule without the masterpieces.” —Director Tamara Jenkins on the decade between Slums of Beverly Hills and The Savages [A.V. Club]

“That Kelsey Grammer sketch show was just bad; someone should have talked me out of that.” Mary Lynn Rajskub on the duds in her acting career [A.V. Club]

“You guys are gonna edit this down, aren’t you? I keep jumping back and forth and saying ‘fucking’ all the time.” White Williams talks to the pottymouths at Pitchfork [Pitchfork]
—Stan Park

RZA on the Power of Constructive Criticism