Sarah Michelle Gellar Sings!

Photo: Courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Abbey McBride, and ClarKent, “Teen Horniness Is Not a Crime”
Sarah Michelle Gellar and friends come out in favor of teen sex in this Britney Spears parody from the Southland Tales soundtrack. And we salute her for it! [Zeon’s Music Blog]

2. Mike Jones feat. Hurricane Chris, “Drop & Give Me 50”
We didn’t count, but we’re pretty sure that Mike Jones shouts his own name at least 50 times. [XXL]

3. Say Anything, “This Is Fucking Ecstasy”
This emo band might be named after the John Cusack movie, but they don’t sound much like Peter Gabriel at all. Actually, this track sounds more like a cross between Weezer and Thin Lizzy. [Linesthroughlines]

4. The Vandelles, “Lovely Weather”
Loads of bands are ripping off the Jesus & Mary Chain these days, but Brooklyn’s Vandelles mix their obvious reverence for Psychocandy with a creepy, nihilistic vibe that makes them sound like the world’s sleaziest surf band. [Berkeley Palace]

5. Small Cruel Party, “Without Arms But With Some Sort Of Peculiar Attachement”
We’re not sure if this is actually the best of the collection of early-nineties ambient drone music on WFMU’s blog, but it’s definitely the track with the best title. [WFMU]
—Matthew Perpetua

Sarah Michelle Gellar Sings!