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Seth Rogen to Star in Provocatively Titled New Film

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Be Thankful It’s Not a Documentary: Seth Rogen has signed on to star in Kevin Smith’s forthcoming Zach & Miri Make A Porno, which means we’ll have to wait even longer for him to write Superbad 2. [Variety]

Bad Advice: Courtney Love is giving financial advice on her MySpace blog. Step 1: Marry the lead singer of Nirvana. [MySpace]

Colbert Writers Strike Out: Following the lead of their colleagues over at the Daily Show, a few writers from The Colbert Report have made their own YouTube clip in support of the picketing writers. Sadly, it’s not very good. [Defamer]

Broadway Strike Hits Hard: The stagehands’ strike is reportedly costing Broadway producers so much money that they can no longer afford tickets to Young Frankenstein. [Variety]

50 Cent Mad About Something: 50 Cent asks MTV why Britney Spears can use naughty language and he can’t. Because we expect more from you, 50. [MTV]

Seth Rogen to Star in Provocatively Titled New Film