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Shock: Ghostface Killah in eBay-Nonpayment Drama

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His new album, Big Doe Rehab, looks set to become one of the year’s most acclaimed releases, but for Ghostface Killah victory is bittersweet. Last month the Wu-Tang emcee announced intentions to sell a hat on eBay (relive our coverage here and here). When the bidding ended on November 4, the lucky winner of said hat — a fitted “Atlanta Backwoods” cap which has “been in front of Halle Berry” — agreed to deposit $355 in the PayPal account of Ghostface’s intermediary seller. At least that was the plan.

“I didn’t sell it,” the rapper told Vulture’s Sadia Latifi yesterday in an explosive interview. “Because the guy that posted on it that bought it, he reneged on it. So it wasn’t nothing to it, you know.” At press time, no negative feedback had been exchanged. Stay tuned early next week for more details on this unfolding story, plus our full Q&A with Ghostface.

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Shock: Ghostface Killah in eBay-Nonpayment Drama