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Steve Martin: Huge Disappointment

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“The worst thing that can happen to a father is to have a child who’s a writer.” Steve Martin, who’s not sure what his father would think about his new memoir, Born Standing up: A Comic’s Life [USAT]

“I think Lou got a peek at O’Reilly’s contract and saw what you can make doing opinion — particularly if you’re cranky.” —Fox News Channel chairman Roger Ailes on Lou Dobbs [NYT]

“I’d been talking to Dr. Dre for a year to try and get as much guidance as possible. And one day he finally just said, ‘Hey, don’t clown out our world.’ So, now, I try to apply that axiom. I don’t want to clown out the F.B.I. world.” Brian Grazer on his production company’s next television show, The F.B.I. [NYT]

“Would I rather keep my hair? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, it was all right. You say, thank God it’s fairly round up there.” Timothy Olyphant on going bald for his role in Hitman [NYP]

“There’s definitely been a lot more of that this last week thanks to the writer’s strike — we are taking advantage of it. It’s kind of fun because we’re getting to say, ‘I don’t like that, let’s throw this here!’” —Reaper star Bret Harrison on improvising, pissing off striking writers [NYP]
—Stan Park

Steve Martin: Huge Disappointment