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Strike-News Roundup: Thanksgiving Edition

Photo Illustration: AP (Fey); iStockphoto (turkey)

WGA Marches, Keys Promotes Album: An estimated 4,500 Writers Guild members marched down Hollywood Boulevard yesterday to show their strength before the Thanksgiving holiday. Alicia Keys even showed up to perform songs from her new album — out now on J Records! [NYT]

L.A. Feels the Pain: The Los Angeles Economic Development Corp. estimates that if the strike continues through the end of this month, it will cost the city $200 million. So, to put things in perspective, the writers’ strike is still not as bad as Evan Almighty. [HR]

Grinch to Return? A New York judge is considering a request to allow Broadway’s Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical to resume performances. Producers of the show argue that they negotiated a special contract with stagehands’ union Local One before the strike, so, really, this whole thing is bullshit. [Playbill]

Stagehands’ Strike Creates Image Problem: The New York City Comptroller’s Office says the Broadway strike is creating an image problem for the city and it could discourage tourism. So, if it lasts, we may finally be able to get a table at the Times Square Red Lobster. [Bloomberg]

Thanksgiving Parade to Suck Harder Than Usual? The stagehands’ strike will force cast members of Broadway’s Legally Blonde to perform in T-shirts since retrieving their costumes would mean crossing picket lines. No word yet on whether they will wear pants. [Variety]

Strike-News Roundup: Thanksgiving Edition