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Sylvester Stallone and Viggo Mortensen to Make Manliest Alcoholic-Poet Movie Ever?

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Stallone and Mortensen Do Poe? Cinemablend reports the awesome — and totally unverified — rumor that Sylvester Stallone has offered Viggo Mortensen the lead in his upcoming Edgar Allan Poe biopic. Really? Stallone and Mortensen? Shouldn’t these two just scrap the whole Poe thing and make The Life of Attila the Hun or something? [Cinemablend]

What’s-His-Name to Continue Dominating Box Office: Lionsgate acquires the rights to Tyler Perry’s next two films, Meet the Browns and Madea Goes to Jail. Studio execs will continue to be shocked when each film opens at No. 1. [HR]

White Stripes, Beck, to Confuse You: See if you can follow this: The White Stripes will release three singles this December on colored seven-inch vinyl — a black one, a red one, and a white one. All three will contain the Stripes track “Conquest,” though the version on the red one will be acoustic mariachi. Finally, each record will contain a different B-side co-produced by Beck. Each single will contain a trading card featuring a famous matador. Click the link; we aren’t making any of this up. [Billboard]

The Foxx Network: Jamie Foxx and his production partners close a deal with MTV Networks to create new reality shows for MTV and VH1, starting with From G’s to Gents, in which men are made over into gentlemen. Presumably Step 1 is “No more dog fights.” [Variety]

Minor Role in Major Movie, Part 1: Matt Frewer, best known as the eighties icon Max Headroom, joins the cast of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen as the fallen super-villain Moloch. [MTV]

Minor Role in Major Movie, Part 2: Meanwhile, Jesse Cave, star of BBC drama Summerhill, joins Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as Hogwarts student — and Ron Weasley love interest — Lavender Brown. Cave reportedly beat out several thousand girls who auditioned for the chance to make out with Rupert Grint. Suck it, George Clooney! [CBBC]

Sylvester Stallone and Viggo Mortensen to Make Manliest Alcoholic-Poet Movie Ever?