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Talks Break Down Between Broadway Stagehands and Producers — Strike to Go On Forever?

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No Resolution for Stagehands Strike! Talks between Broadway stagehands and producers broke down today before both sides had reached an agreement. No further talks are scheduled and performances have been canceled through Wednesday’s matinees. [Playbill]

WGA Rallies! Presidential candidate John Edwards joined celebrities like Tim Robbins and Danny Glover and Congressman Anthony Weiner as speakers at a Writers Guild rally in Washington Square Park today. With all the writers on strike, no one was able to think of any jokes about Weiner’s name. [Variety]

New Indiana Jones Pics! Ain’t It Cool News has new pictures from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Harrison Ford doesn’t look too bad, proving Industrial Light & Magic can still work miracles. [AICN]

Radiohead Fan Gets Lucky! Due to some kind of wacky postal service mix-up, one Radiohead fan received his In Rainbows box set in the mail a whole week early. The band’s merchandise company has already asked him not to leak the new songs on file-sharing networks, meaning we’ll probably have to wait a few days for someone else to do it. [Rolling Stone]

Fonzie Statue Almost a Reality! A bronze statue of beloved Happy Days character Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli is expected to be unveiled in downtown Milwaukee next fall as the city’s tourism board has raised $57,000 of the necessary $85,000 to buy the thing. Awesome! [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

We’re Just Asking! Why hasn’t the new Ghostface Killah album leaked yet? It comes out next Tuesday! We’re not asking anyone to do anything illegal here — just make MP3s of the record and post them on the Internet. That’s not illegal, right?

Talks Break Down Between Broadway Stagehands and Producers — Strike to Go On Forever?