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Thanks to Writers Strike, ‘Scrubs’ May Never End

Courtesy of NBC

Scrubs, the goofy NBC sitcom that made a star out of the painfully sincere Zach Braff, may never actually end. More precisely, the show is set to run out of episodes of its final season in January as a result of the Writers Guild strike, but if the picketing goes on much longer, the hospital dramedy may never have the closure of a series finale.

According to Reuters, series creator Bill Lawrence was offered the opportunity to write a backup finale that could be filmed during the strike, but opted to hold out in order to end the show on his own terms. Lawrence has vowed to lobby his cast, crew, producers, and network to eventually produce and air a proper sendoff for the series, but given that this outcome seems increasingly unlikely the longer the strike goes on, it looks like Scrubs fans may never get to witness what surely would have been a veritable orgy of annoying epiphanies, sophomoric sex jokes, forced quirkiness, and unrestrained emo sentimentality. —Matthew Perpetua

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Thanks to Writers Strike, ‘Scrubs’ May Never End