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Bono’s Endless ‘Rolling Stone’ Interview, AutoSummarized

He’s still talking!Photo: WireImage

Bono Talks: One of Rolling Stone’s many 40th-anniversary issues features a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long interview with Bono. Microsoft Word AutoSummary That Completely Captures the Interview’s Highfalutin Tone: “I don’t know if you’ve read Martin Amis’ short-story collection Einstein’s Monsters. [Laughs]” [RS]

ICM Employees Panic: The agency times a payroll switch to the week of a potential writers strike, meaning all employees get paid for one week on their paychecks instead of two. Agency heads reassure everyone there is no need to freak out, go back to preparing lists of employees to be eaten in case of strike. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Best Halloween Costumes of the Year: The award goes to the entire cast and crew of Jimmy Kimmel Live, who dressed as every cereal mascot you can think of — missing only whatever that creature was who sold Quisp. [Video at]

Dances With Wolves Some More: Simon Wincer (Into the West) will direct The Holy Road, the sequel to 1990’s Oscar winner Dances With Wolves. No word yet on whether Kevin Costner will star, but we’re quite sure Mary McDonnell is too busy governing the remnants of the human race as they flee the Cylons. [Variety]

Pullman Beefs With Lewis, Tolkien: His Dark Materials author Philip Pullman objects to The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, criticizing the message of C.S. Lewis’s series and calling Tolkien’s work “trivial.” Lewis and Tolkien reply, “We’re dead and in Heaven! See you there … not!” [MTV]

Bono’s Endless ‘Rolling Stone’ Interview, AutoSummarized