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The White Stripes: Still Not As Cool As Radiohead

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The White Stripes Make Boring Announcement: On their official Website, the White Stripes announced this morning that they’ve recorded three new songs, all of which will presumably be for sale in a record store someday. [Billboard]

Dollars and Cents: According to the results of a dubious study conducted by a company we’ve never heard of, most Radiohead fans opted to pay nothing for In Rainbows. [ABC]

The Hills Now Even Faker: If you haven’t been able to muster up some sympathy for all the television writers currently on the picket lines, perhaps you should take a look at MTV’s Second Life clone Virtual Worlds. This is what will happen to our culture if we don’t get our writers back! [Valleywag via Idolator]

Ze Frank Returns! So far, one of the few good things to come out of the WGA strike is a new video clip by Ze Frank in which the unblinking Web phenom offers his take on the strike and describes Scrubs as a “medical show documenting the slow and painful castration of Zach Braff,” which actually almost makes us want to watch Scrubs. [Ze Frank]

Rosie O’Donnell to Think: Seriously, this is what passes for entertainment news during a strike: Rosie O’Donnell miiiiight do a prime-time show for MSNBC. You know, maybe. We’ll see. She’s thinking about it. [NYT] —Matthew Perpetua

The White Stripes: Still Not As Cool As Radiohead