‘Ugly Betty’: If Only Tony Could See Angela Now!

Ugly Betty

I See Me, I.C.U.
Season 2 Episode 8

Either it’s the stylists who are on strike or we’re just hung-over, but was everyone on Betty wearing the exact outfit as last week? They were! Okay, it was a continued episode. But even soap operas have outfit changes in their hospital scenes. Anyway, we left off with Bradford Meade going down right before the “I do.” Très suspenseful, writers! Will he die? Will he marry Willy before he kicks it? Will she inherit everything? Will Marc stop wearing that awful shiny suit before we hurl? Oh … too late. So let’s just get this over with: the crimes against fashion.

Two Bettys are not better than one.
How cruel, ABC. Forcing one Betty on us is bad enough. But two? The ghost of bad outfits past shows our protagonist just how much she’s changed (yawn) because, you know, fashion does that to you. Like any of us need our souls anymore.

Judith Light’s makeover … actually works?
We don’t go for Hilda’s particular brand of hoochiness. We get that the girl has tatas and likes to flaunt the girls every chance she gets. But: She made Judith Light look downright hot. We’re talking big, brown hair, tight pink top, and boobs. Don’t even get us started on the makeup and chunky accessories. If only Tony could see Angela now!

Knocking down nerds will never go out of fashion.
In an attempt to thwart Betty and Henry from getting to Bradford’s will, Marc tosses Betty’s glasses on the ground. As she’s on all fours, he pushes Henry on top of her. Nerd pile! Oh, how we laughed. It was just like high school! Seriously, Marc, if you didn’t dress like an extra from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, we’d totally hang with you.

While we wait, with bated breath, for ABC to bring us La Lohan, we’ll have to just content ourselves with the little snippets of dialogue that are actually funny. This week, after catching Betty and Henry kissing, Wilhelmina utters, “If I ate lunch, now would be the time to lose it.” —Amina Akhtar

‘Ugly Betty’: If Only Tony Could See Angela Now!