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‘Valkyrie’ Trailer: Our First Look at Nazi Tom Cruise

Courtesy of United Artists

Tagline: “I swear by God this sacred oath: That I shall render unconditional obedience to Adolf Hitler, the Fuhrer of the German Reich.”

Translation: Hmm, well that’s certainly an interesting tagline to introduce Tom Cruise’s first-ever movie as the head of United Artists.

The Verdict: Catchy tagline aside, this new trailer for Cruise’s first film as UA chief wastes no time getting to its point: Even though he plays a Nazi, we’re still supposed to root for him. For the duration of the clip, we’re basically browbeaten with the notion of his character’s heroism, but, um, since we know how Hitler actually died and this is based on a true story, how excited are we supposed to get for a movie about some dude’s ineffectual act of treason, even if it has Cruise sporting an eye patch and looking like the SS answer to Nick Fury? —Matthew Perpetua

Valkyrie Movie Trailer [Slashfilm]

‘Valkyrie’ Trailer: Our First Look at Nazi Tom Cruise