We Can’t Wait to Play the Ghostbusters Video Game!

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Sony Pictures announced this morning that they’re finally working on a second sequel to the classic 1984 ghost-busting comedy Ghostbusters. But, instead of a live-action film, it’ll be a video game. Also, it will be awesome. Presumably their decision not to make it a movie was motivated by the fact that Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Harold Ramis are now all way too old to carry a proton pack up a flight of stairs, but still, we think it’s a pretty great one. Yesterday we made a list of video games that would make good movies, but this is one idea that probably works better as a game. All four main actors will do their voices and allow the use of their likenesses, and Akroyd and Ramis will write the story, which apparently will take place in the early nineties, a few years after the last movie. And since Sigourney Weaver hasn’t signed on yet, the action will probably focus more on actual ghost killing than boring stuff like romance and baby saving (like in 1989’s disappointing Ghostbusters 2). Best of all, the game’s expected to drop next fall, just around the time when Hollywood starts releasing all the terrible movies that were rushed into production before next year’s actors and directors strike, so we’ll be able to play it uninterrupted well into 2009. Man, we can’t wait!

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We Can’t Wait to Play the Ghostbusters Video Game!