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Week in Review: Three Strikes and We’re Out

Courtesy of Def Jam, Getty Images, and Fox

Looking back on a week in which there was hat drama

Broadway came back! TV, sadly, did not. (Carson Daly doesn’t count.) Even our telenovelas turned their back on us!

Sundance 2008 bummed us out. Fortunately, the Wu-Tang Clan was there to cheer us up.

We learned the truth about Jay-Z.

Universal Music CEO Doug Morris convinced us that the recording industry is in fine shape and will likely be around for many years to come.

The producers of the Justice League movie saved themselves some money.

For his final stunt, Evel Knievel patched things up with Kanye West.

We talked to Mick Jones!

We gave Ghostface some positive feedback. He gave one eBay bidder some negative feedback.

Nathan Lane finally became a man.

A special Vulture thanks to Matthew Perpetua for helping us out all month!

Week in Review: Three Strikes and We’re Out