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Week in Review: Till the Aliens Decide to Leave

Courtesy of Nintendo, Lamisil, Getty Images, and Robb D. Cohen / Retna

Looking back on a week in which R. Kelly e-mailed us!

We said good-bye to Norman Mailer.

The cast of Saturday Night Live beat the writers’ strike with laughs. The cast of The Farnsworth Invention beat the stagehands’ strike with booze.

Fred Claus and Nellie McKay fought the good fight.

We made a list of the Ten Video Games That Should Be Movies. And a list of One Video Game We’re Glad Is Just a Video Game.

Even celebrities watch YouTube.

Cloverfield’s monster was revealed — to the horror of anyone who wears open-toed shoes!

Bitsie Tulloch showed us that even bloggers can be good-looking.

The writers’ strike got depressing. Angelina Jolie got naked.

Denis Johnson followed our instructions and took home a National Book Award.

New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan: Project Runway all the way!” Amen.

Week in Review: Till the Aliens Decide to Leave