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What the Hell Is Will.I.Am Talking About?

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“Here we are with the most technology in human history walking on the fucking planet humming and singing, and there’s no form of music formed, and I’m talking to you in Brazil on a cell phone at lightning speed. I’ve got the Internet pumping right now, and there ain’t no form of music in 2007? That’s fuckin’ crazy.” —Will.I.Am [Rolling Stone]

“It’s difficult … I don’t want to repeat myself, but of course I do repeat myself.” Wes Anderson, director of The Royal Darjeeling Aquatic [Guardian]

“As a comedy writer, I am more than willing to admit that I need a world with producers, but do they need us? The answer is yes, for two reasons. First, without writers whom will the studios blame for their failures? Second, seriously, whom?” SNL writer and performer Seth Meyers [NYT]

“Will.i.am is an extremely talented dude, he’s dope, but we just didn’t mesh that well — how can you vibe with a dude with a tight hat and a bow tie?” Shaggy, looking to recapture his street cred [NYP]

“What do they mean by ‘quirky’? It’s like saying Michael Jackson’s ‘eccentric.’ Well, explain yourself. I am also apparently ‘eccentric.’ Does this mean Michael Jackson and I are bedfellows, as it were?” —Quirky singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock [A.V. Club]
—Stan Park

What the Hell Is Will.I.Am Talking About?