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Writers’ Strike Gets Depressing Again

Photo illustration: AP

Despite some optimism on Monday over a possible deal, the writers’ strike, now in its fourth week, has not yet been resolved. The Writers Guild met with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers yesterday to discuss what was rumored to be a “groundbreaking proposal” from producers that would make negotiations a “done deal,” but WGA leadership have branded the offer “a massive rollback.” Both sides have agreed to meet again on Tuesday, and Nikki Finke says “the other half” of the proposal is still forthcoming, but we’re not going to get our hopes up.

Even more depressing: Variety reports this morning on NBC’s plans for the spring, which include lots of reality shows — American Gladiator, The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Apprentice, something called My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad, and the hilarious-sounding Baby Borrowers — with only Sex and the City ripoff Lipstick Jungle to use actual scripts. Perhaps we won’t be needing that HDTV for Christmas after all.

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Writers’ Strike Gets Depressing Again